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Building support for your students and schools through community engagement.

An engaged community supports its schools. Our team of award-winning strategists and creatives can help your people feel informed and included, using everything from enrollment marketing to social media, referendum planning, website design and more. We’re experts at telling your story in a way that meets your strategic goals, and we know how to build stakeholder support for the work you do for your students.

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Key Solutions

Communications Assessment

The best place to start for a holistic understanding of your current strengths and opportunities. In just three to four weeks, we review your current work and then create an approachable, customized action plan to share your district’s unique story.

Social Media

We combine our deep understanding of popular and emerging platforms with your goals to recommend the best platforms for your district. We can help you develop and deploy a comprehensive social strategy to engage your community.

Photography & Videography

With the ability to shoot and process both photos and video, we can build excitement and pride with current families plus show prospective families the bright and beautiful faces in your district.

Graphic Design

Our dynamic in-house design team helps you stand out by building everything needed to help you clearly and consistently express your visual identity.

Website Redesign

Your district website is one of the most used tools by your families and staff, and it needs to be so much more than a file drawer of information. Let’s turn it into a marketing tool to effectively serve your district now and in the future.

Enrollment Campaigns

We approach student enrollment through both recruitment and retention strategies, organizing enrollment marketing into a strategic ongoing process. Successful campaigns include robust planning, research, coordination, cross-channel creative execution, and reporting - and CESO is here to help every step of the way.


Your brand is your backbone. It’s a set of collective agreements about who you are and how your organization shows up in the world. CESO is here to help ensure your story feels like you and is supported with strong written and visual communication.

Community Engagement

We bring diverse voices into your communications planning process to better inform decisions as we develop strategies that increase involvement and trust in your organization.

Strategic Planning Facilitation

Leaders make the best decisions when they’re informed and when stakeholders have a voice in the strategic process. We facilitate team meetings to discuss strategy with the goal of increasing community involvement, trust and confidence in your school district.

Finance Elections

We create and implement referendum information campaigns - including strategy and messaging - well before the election date, helping your residents better understand the proposals benefits to the community and feel empowered to make decisions.

Communications Talent Acquisition

We provide recruitment strategies that utilize our school PR connections across the country to find the best employees for your roles. Our team can review applications, develop interview questions and participate throughout the interview process as requested.

Communications Director Staffing

Get executive or director-level communications leadership support for the short or long-term. Partner with one of our pros for comprehensive strategies to strengthen your community’s awareness and understanding of your district.

Communications Specialist Staffing

Supplement your team’s resources by leveraging one of our communications specialists to manage the content, timelines and reporting needed to support your initiatives.

Graphic Designer Staffing

Whether for a specific project or for ongoing support, bring your district’s brand identity to life across all print and digital channels by adding our award-winning design team to your staff.

Get Exactly What You Need

Not seeing what you’re looking for? Need a combination of communications services and support? We’d love to learn more about how we can partner together to rethink possible! If it’s related to school public relations and sharing important information throughout your district, we have an expert who can help.

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Through Ask CESO Communications webinars, our school PR veterans share their tips and insights on popular topics like websites, enrollment marketing, crisis communication, public engagement, and more.

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Communications Assessment

If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend our Communications Assessment. We provide a comprehensive review of your current processes and structures, and then create a totally customized action plan to keep what works and replace what doesn’t. We ensure your plan is actionable by prioritizing it into three categories: Do Now, Do Soon, Do Later.

Let us do the implementation work for you, or we can put the plan into your team’s capable hands. Either way (or a blend of both), you can count on a course of action and timeline that are tailored to your team and district needs.

Our assessment framework includes the nine critical elements that we believe are essential for successful school PR and communications including:

  • Communication Strategy and Planning
  • Internal Communications and Engagement
  • Family Communication
  • External Communication
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Brand Experience and Reputation
  • Student Recruitment and Retention
  • Employee Recruitment and Retention
  • Crisis Communication

Get Started

Do Now

High impact, minimal effort. The tasks prioritized in Do Now can often be completed by your team, with limited support. Think of it as having all the tools in place, you just need a hand prioritizing, planning or making a conscious effort to focus on them. This stage is often also where we determine pieces to be implemented in Do Soon.

Do Soon

High impact, medium effort. These action items build momentum, accelerating improvement and increasing efficiency. They’re often project-based and may require an investment. Do Soon typically impacts the current or upcoming year, but the timeline is ultimately up for your team to decide.

Do Later

High impact, high effort. We make sure you’re set up for sustainable, long-term success. Think of these items as your ideal state, with Do Now and Do Soon helping lay its groundwork. Do Later can also include an analysis of results, longer-term planning, and higher levels of organizational change that may require partnership support.

Let's Work Together

Through consulting, management and staffing support, we’re here for both the big picture and the day-to-day. Partner with us for any or all, and get completely customized communications solutions aligned with your goals.

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