Frequently Asked Questions

What size school districts does CESO work with?

CESO works with school communities of all sizes from smallest to largest. We have partnered with rural, suburban and urban districts across the United States and Canada to develop effective, customized solutions.

Does CESO work with charter schools and private schools?

Yes, CESO works with many charter schools and private schools across the country to develop effective solutions for the unique opportunities these schools can face.

What operational areas does CESO help with?

CESO has expertise in all key operational areas for schools including transportation, communications, human resources, technology, finance and facilities. We know all operations are critical for the success of schools and are often interwoven across the district. We can also help with thought and strategy coaching for you or your leadership team.

What if I’m looking for a service that I don’t see included on the website?

Our team continues to expand our operational expertise daily. We'd love to learn more about how we can partner together to rethink possible. Chances are, we have an expert on hand who can help.

Can CESO help implement an existing strategic plan?

Absolutely. CESO excels at implementing existing strategic plans with whatever level of support works best for you. We can partner alongside your team or we can take complete ownership to bring the plan to life.

What's the difference between consulting, management and staffing support?

We're glad you asked! CESO consulting support leverages our team's brainpower to create customized solutions to the challenges facing your school community. When it's time to bring those solutions to life, our management support can do the work alongside your team or our staffing support can do the work for your team. Choose any or all levels depending on what works best for you.

What if I don't know where to start with improving our school operations?

No problem! We recommend starting with a free consultation with one of our school operations experts. This conversation helps us learn more about your goals and opportunities to recommend the best path forward. Usually our proven three-step assessment process is a great place to start, but each plan is tailored to best fit your needs.


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