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Helping students arrive to and from school safely, efficiently and on time.

Our team partners with school districts across the country to offer transportation services that keep student wellbeing at the forefront and put dollars back in the classroom. With decades of experience in transportation strategy and logistics, we can support your schools getting from Point A to Z.

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Key Solutions

Transportation Operations Assessment

The best place to start for a holistic understanding of your current transportation processes and structures. We partner with your existing leadership team to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of your plan to deliver strategic improvements.

Boundary Planning

Boundaries affect where students attend school. When boundaries change, connect with CESO to understand the implications. We can develop and implement a plan to utilize your resources and ensure optimized new routes.

Bell Schedule Planning

Changes in bell time schedules or school start times impact students, caregivers and staff. Work with us to confidently manage your bell-time planning project and make the transition as seamless as possible. We have helped districts large and small navigate the challenges to arrive at solutions that get students to school on time while best using all resources available.

Student Database Integration

Consult with our dedicated logistics and planning team to manage student data for a smooth, secure setup and routing.

Routing AI

Connect with CESO to better understand how you can deploy advanced technology to continuously improve transportation routes as new information is added.

Resource Forecasting

With ongoing challenges like the driver shortage, CESO excels at recruitment strategies plus helping right-size other resources across routing, vehicle and fleet management, inventory and other staffing. We will find the best resource plan available to your district.

Transportation Director Staffing

Partner with CESO for transportation executive and director-level support for short or long-term needs. With years of experience, our team can step in to manage your transportation department, resource planning, training, billing, proposal writing, state reporting, safety, compliance and more - helping ensure reliable and sustainable transportation for each student.

Route Manager Staffing

We offer interim and long-term route management staffing services providing your school community with end-to-end logistics support including route planning, vendor management, routing software management, route optimization and dispatch management.

Transportation Specialist Staffing

Whether temporary or permanent, CESO can provide day-to-day transportation support by managing communications between your district and families, ensuring up-to-date information for all.

Contractor Networking & Negotiations

If you are contracted for transportation, CESO can support the ongoing relationship in several ways. We help districts develop requests for proposals, support vendor management and develop strategies for best leveraging vendor resources.

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Not seeing what you’re looking for? Need a combination of transportation services and support? We’d love to learn more about how we can partner together to rethink possible! If it’s related to school transportation and getting students where they need to go, we have an expert who can help.

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Explore a new route for transportation management with bundled services.

With bundling options, you get cost-effective, simplified solutions. Leverage CESO as a single partner to holistically manage your routing, customer experience, and data analytics. Our team combines integrated technology with decades of school transportation expertise to deliver optimized results.

By bundling, you can:

  • Drive more dollars back to the classroom.
  • Provide safe and efficient transportation services.
  • Make informed decisions with robust data analytics.
  • Maximize your transportation staffing ratio.
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Transportation Operations Assessment

We recommend our Transportation Operations Assessment as the best place to start. After a comprehensive review of your current processes and structures, we then create a customized action plan to keep what works and replace what doesn’t. We ensure your plan is actionable by prioritizing it into three categories: Do Now, Do Soon, Do Later.

When it comes time for implementation, we can do the work for you or put the plan into your team’s capable hands. Either way (or a blend of both), you can count on a course of action and timeline that are tailored to your team and district needs.

The assessment analyzes the five categories that we believe are most important for successful Transportation operations within schools:

  • Policy & Operating Procedures
  • Routing Efficiency
  • Staffing
  • Contracts
  • Technology Integration

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Do Now

High impact, minimal effort. The tasks prioritized in Do Now can often be completed by your team, with limited support. Think of it as having all the tools in place, you just need a hand prioritizing, planning or making a conscious effort to focus on them. This stage is often also where we determine pieces to be implemented in Do Soon.

Do Soon

High impact, medium effort. These action items build momentum, accelerating improvement and increasing efficiency. They’re often project-based and may require an investment. Do Soon typically impacts the current or upcoming year, but the timeline is ultimately up for your team to decide.

Do Later

High impact, high effort. We make sure you’re set up for sustainable, long-term success. Think of these items as your ideal state, with Do Now and Do Soon helping lay its groundwork. Do Later can also include an analysis of results, longer-term planning, and higher levels of organizational change that may require partnership support.

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Through consulting, management and staffing support, we're here for both the big picture and the day-to-day. Partner with us for any or all, and get completely customized transportation solutions aligned with your goals.

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