Centennial School District 12 (MN)

From navigation redesign, content development and marketing to photography, page layout and technical support, Centennial School District had a strategic and tactical partner in CESO Communications from start to finish through their website redesign.

The Story

When deciding to overhaul their current district website, the team at Centennial School District 12 knew they could not manage the project alone. CESO partnered with the ISD12 team from start to finish and transformed their singular district website, which encompassed all of their campuses and programs, into 12 separate sites that each tell the unique story of that campus or district program.

The CESO Communications team made the work so easy! They did the heavy lifting to prepare for the creation and launch of our new district website. We enlisted their help at the start of the daunting project. Not only did they walk us through each step of the way, their end product is amazing!

Krista Bergert

Director of Public Information & Community Outreach
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The Outcome

The CESO Communications team walked alongside the Centennial team from the start of this project, engaging the district stakeholders regarding what they were looking for in a website. From there, we hit the ground running revitalizing the website navigation and content, and focused on telling the story of Centennial through strong marketing language about the district and engaging photography that shared the essence of the students and staff in the Centennial community.

Take a look at the new and improved Centennial School District 12 website through the before and after photos.

Their role of client rep, content creator, impeccable organization from the beginning to product launch, was all done professionally. They not only walked us through every step of the way, but worked with us on an end product that is amazing. Their insight, looking inside to our district and into our content, helped so much. It’s very difficult to be critical when you are embedded in the work every day. Their expertise helped us shape our copy with a marketing focus. The CESO team made the work so easy!

Krista Bergert

Director of Public Information and Community Outreach
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