Kristin Kelly

Communications Strategist

Kristin brings 10+ years of experience in public relations and community engagement. She has a passion for bringing people together through quality, consistent communications all while putting students first. Her natural drive is to exceed client expectations through a strong eye for detail and unparalleled project management. Kristin is an active member of the Illinois National School Public Relations Association (INSRPA).

Prior to joining CESO, Kristin worked at a high school district in the western suburbs of Chicago. Before shifting to education communications, she worked at an agency in Omaha, Nebraska serving clients in the arts, education, and public health industries by focusing on their brand and communications needs.

When not working, Kristin enjoys taking walks with her husband and two young children, going on vacation (although with kids it's more like "relocation"), and hosting dinners for family and friends. As an Illinois transplant with no allegiance to Chicago sports, she is a lifelong Kansas City Royals fan.

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