Anything is possible.

It’s this belief that shapes us.

That gives us the freedom to ask the right questions. The hard questions. To rethink what’s possible. Knowing that the best ideas come from curious minds with unexpected backgrounds we’ve assembled a team of seasoned experts to bring change to the education space.

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The short story

CESO, or the Center for Effective School Operations, started in 2006 at a time where financial pressures in education were at an all time high, with the idea that a big picture view and creative problem solving could put learning dollars back in the classroom.

Since the beginning, CESO has been built around a group of curious, like-minded education veterans that share the same collaborative spirit and belief that every student deserves a rich learning environment.

We still start each and every engagement asking the question why.

Over time we’ve continued to hone the way we do things, have attracted diverse, best-in-class talent and have expanded our offerings to include communications, technology and facilities.

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The values that shape and drive us.


We work to develop authentic relationships. We believe in being open, respectful and collaborative. We know an environment of trust cultivates thriving partnerships.


We believe the best ideas come from a diverse collection of minds and experiences. People from unexpected backgrounds bring unexpected results.


We believe great ideas are born from the persistently curious mind. We act with bravery to explore beyond the expected and envision what could be.

Leadership Team

  • Lance Libengood


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  • Bob Noyed


    Senior Strategic Consultant

  • Sara Houle


    Director of Transportation

  • Guttu Meleka


    Director of Transportation

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  • Luke Frederick


    Director of Innovation

  • Jon Stone


    Creative Director

  • Rich Enga


    Director of Transportation

  • Arlen Hviding


    Director of Transportation

  • Kris Kratz


    Finance Coordinator

  • Jerry Anderson


    Director of Transportation

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lil face
  • Kevin Mayfield


    Technology Coordinator

An advisory board to transform national education.

As a strategic consultancy focused on learning, we understand the power of thinking as a team - that we’re stronger together.

That’s why we’re putting together a board or community of big picture thinkers that want to contribute to the national conversation on education reform.

If you have an interest in joining the group or just want to find out more information we’d love to hear from you.