About CESO


We cultivate powerful ideas, technology and talent to invigorate and influence the K-12 education community.

Meet our CEO

With more than 20 years of experience helping districts communicate complex changes to the communities they serve, Lance Libengood is the CEO of The Center for Effective School Operations.

Under Libengood’s direction, the vision of CESO has expanded beyond its transportation roots to influence and inspire K12 Communications, Finance, Human Resources, and Technology leaders across the country.

CEO, Founder

Lance Libengood

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Company Story

CESO was originally formed in 2008, but in 2015 was reimagined under the leadership of current CEO Lance Libengood. With a vision of creative and comprehensive support for school operations — the roots of our tagline, "Rethink Possible" — the team brought a new level of stability and expertise to transportation services.

Since then, CESO has expanded to include communications, technology, finance, and HR support as part of its robust offering, and now maintains a client roster across 25 states and two Canadian territories.

Our Values


We believe great ideas are born from the persistently curious mind. We act with bravery to explore beyond the expected and envision what could be.


We believe the best ideas come from a collection of minds and experiences. People from unexpected backgrounds help expand our idea of what’s possible.


We work to develop authentic relationships. We believe in being open, respectful and collaborative. We know an environment of trust cultivates thriving partnerships.