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Supporting school staff so they can show up at their best for students.

Caring for your people helps promote overall student and school success. Our team is passionate about employee experience practices that value, protect and inspire each person. We have the expertise to assist with every aspect of K-12 human resources, from executive coaching to negotiations, talent acquisition, retention strategies and more.

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Key Solutions

Human Resources Operations Assessment

The best place to start for a holistic understanding of your current processes and structures. Through our Human Resources Operations Assessment (HROA), we document your current reality and identify where you want to go next. From there, we develop a comprehensive plan with prioritized recommended actions. We then partner with you to help operationalize your next steps.

District Office Studies

Better identify if your district office's roles and organizational structures are aligned to support your strategic plan. After working with our experienced team for an in-depth study of any or all of your departments, you'll understand how well your departments collaborate, learn ways to increase organizational partnership in your district and drive better results.


Maintaining a competitive advantage to attract and retain top talent begins with first impressions. CESO can ensure your onboarding plan is robust, inclusive and informative to create a lasting positive experience from your staff’s first moment interacting with your district.

Employee Feedback Systems

Your people make the difference and caring for them has never been more critical. Help each person feel further valued and important by working with us to strengthen your staff care and development plans while implementing tools to track the impact. Increase your team’s engagement, performance and productivity by investing in their wellbeing, training and resources.

Leadership Development

School communities thrive through aligned, authentic leaders. Equip your team of current and next generation leaders with the skills and support they need to develop more fully into effective, empowered leaders who drive results. CESO can design and facilitate leadership development plans in partnership with your goals.

Executive Coaching

We offer executive coaching services through our Thought & Strategy Partnership Program. Designed as a resource collective, our approach is customized to align with your needs or preferences. We’ve found that leaders are most inspired and effective when they receive real-time support, meaningful tools and actionable plans in collaboration with a trusted partner. Our diverse coaching bench means we can match a complementary Thought & Strategy Partner to each client and ensure a mutually positive fit. Connect with CESO to more fully integrate who you are as a leader, how you engage with the team around you and how you execute strategy to make a true impact on the larger community.

Compensation & Classification Studies

Know your district is competitive both internally and with surrounding organizations through a comparative assessment to attract and retain the best talent. Our compensation and classification studies include discovery sessions with district team members, job banding and a gap analysis. We also conduct peer studies of competitors based on your unique demographics to review salary schedules, insurance benefits, leave policies and more. We then develop a plan that helps you lead the way in adopting impactful new practices and processes. Create greater internal equity, higher retention rates and better career path structures.

Data Analytics

We believe data analytics - also known as "people data" - can help your district more fully understand its story. Confidently make informed decisions with reports, trends and data analysis on employee engagement, new hire surveys, exit interviews and demographic studies.

Reporting & Compliance

When working with our team, rest easy knowing that we have compliance covered at both federal and state levels including I-9, STAR, 1095s, EEO, pay equity and more. We can complete your reporting, provide training to a new human resources team member and document your processes to prevent knowledge loss.

Labor Relations & Contract Negotiations

Navigating labor relations is challenging; our team of seasoned negotiators can help. With decades of experience in both traditional and interest-based collective bargaining, we focus on the outcome that’s in everyone’s best interest for less interruptions in your school district. Throughout the negotiations process, we bring a supportive third-party approach to data collection and comparison, prioritization, process guidelines, financial costing models, and documentation of tentative agreements to incorporate into your labor agreements. Whether you’re looking for CESO to be at the table during negotiations or a thought partner in the background, tap into a team who has spent careers successfully doing this high-stakes work.

Lean on CESO to administer any agreed upon contracts for the life of its term including answering questions and providing resources for your staff and ensuring all aspects of the contract are met.

Special Education Due Process

CESO can complete all special education due process paperwork and audit requirements for your schools.

Process Design

Increase efficiency and ensure a holistic experience for every staff member across your district with established human resources processes and procedures. In addition to analyzing your current workflows for improvements, we can create or update an overall process design - including building employee handbooks and additional resources - that bring your district’s vision and values to life.

Succession Planning

Succession planning provides long-term stability and direction for your district. Work with CESO to identify key roles, explore gaps and develop an action plan to take current staff to the next level or find the best outside resources.

Human Resources Executive Staffing

Leverage CESO for HR executive and director-level support for short or long-term needs. Our seasoned staff can step in to manage employee investigations, performance, negotiations support, retention strategies and more.

Human Resources Generalist Staffing

Whether temporary or permanent, CESO can provide the day-to-day HR support of a generalist or specialist by preparing and reviewing compensation packages, administering payroll and benefits, completing required reports and implementing training programs. We use your district’s guidelines and values to ensure a seamless experience for your staff.

Get Exactly What You Need

Not seeing what you’re looking for? Need a combination of HR services and support? We’d love to learn more about how we can partner together to rethink possible! If it’s related to school human resources and taking care of your people, we have an expert who can help.

Human Resources Operations Assessment

If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend our Human Resources Operations Assessment. We provide a comprehensive review of your current processes and structures, and then create a customized action plan to keep what works and replace what doesn’t. We ensure your plan is actionable by prioritizing it into three categories: Do Now, Do Soon, Do Later.

When it comes time for implementation, we can do the work for you or put the plan into your team’s capable hands. Either way (or a blend of both), you can count on a course of action and timeline that are tailored to your team and district needs.

The assessment analyzes the six categories that we believe are most important for successful HR practices including:

  • Onboarding
  • Taking Care of Your People
  • Reporting and Compliance
  • Contracts and Labor Relations
  • Process Design and Documentation
  • Proactive Practices

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Do Now

High impact, minimal effort. The tasks prioritized in Do Now can often be completed by your team, with limited support. Think of it as having all the tools in place, you just need a hand prioritizing, planning or making a conscious effort to focus on them. This stage is often also where we determine pieces to be implemented in Do Soon.

Do Soon

High impact, medium effort. These action items build momentum, accelerating improvement and increasing efficiency. They’re often project-based and may require an investment. Do Soon typically impacts the current or upcoming year, but the timeline is ultimately up for your team to decide.

Do Later

High impact, high effort. We make sure you’re set up for sustainable, long-term success. Think of these items as your ideal state, with Do Now and Do Soon helping lay its groundwork. Do Later can also include an analysis of results, longer-term planning, and higher levels of organizational change that may require partnership support.

Let's Work Together

Through consulting, management and staffing support, we’re here for both the big picture and the day-to-day. Partner with us for any or all, and get fully customized human resources solutions aligned with your goals.

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