Susan Brott, APR

Senior Communications Strategist

Susan was a lost soul finding difficulty marrying the push and pull of the left brain/right brain struggle for dominance. After double majoring in mathematics and communications, she went on to earn her graduate degree in political rhetoric and public address. Somehow she was able to blend her passion for analytics and politics and wrote such enthralling rhetorical analyses on works such as Godel's Incompleteness Theorem and the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings. As the daughter of public school teachers, Susan then found her way back to education securing her first school communications job in suburban St. Paul, Minnesota.

Over 20 years and four Twin Cities suburban districts later, Susan joined CESO in 2020. She has been an active member of the National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA) by facilitating annual workshops for new school communications professionals. Her involvement with the Minnesota School Public Relations Association (MinnSPRA) includes serving as treasurer (duh, math major) and president.

She enjoys all aspects of strategic communications and especially likes engaging with stakeholders to elevate their voice and help them feel valued and heard. Susan is outspoken in her passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion and enjoys coaching others on their own learning journey. Her biggest pet peeve is when she hears people say that something won't work because "we tried it before", which leads to her penchant for always asking questions and seeking deeper meaning (often to the exhaustion of her husband, Bob). She enjoys yoga, TRX, knitting, and cooking and often seeks energy in the stillness.

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