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Connecting school communities with safe, reliable tools.

As the need for technology grows, so does our team’s capabilities. Our approach keeps your community connected securely. Whether you're looking for us to partner with your internal team or provide total IT support, we deliver creative and effective solutions from on-site and on-call troubleshooting to future tech planning, security system and phone setup, cabling and more.

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Key Solutions

Technology Operations Assessment

The best place to start for a holistic understanding of your current processes and tools. Through our Technology Operations Assessment, we document your current reality and identify where you want to go next. From there, we develop a comprehensive plan that outlines and prioritizes recommended actions. We then partner with you to help operationalize your next steps.

On-Site IT Support

Get on-site IT support from CESO as often as needed. Whether temporary or permanent, we can become your primary IT go-to or we can seamlessly blend with your existing tech team to handle standard IT tickets, escalated IT tickets and new user setup.

On-Call IT Support

We know that technology issues can pop up at unexpected moments. That's why we offer on-call IT support options. Leverage our technology experts to be available if and when anyone on your team needs support. Through remote access we can resolve nearly any day-to-day IT concern.

Cyber Security Review

We can support your risk management practices by evaluating hardware, software, policies and practices to mitigate and manage the threat of cyber intrusion.

Avaya Cloud-Based Phone Systems

In addition to providing ongoing support for your existing phone system, we can also install AVAYA cloud-based phone systems in one or all of your buildings.

Verkada Integrated Cloud-Based Security Systems

CESO is an authorized reselling partner for Verkada, a fully integrated cloud-based security system. Seamlessly manage your security from anywhere, accelerate response times, and improve reliability while minimizing costs. Through a centralized system, Verkada can also help prevent student vaping, lockdown all doors in seconds and manage your visitors without compromising student privacy.

Low-Voltage Cabling

We can run low-voltage cabling throughout a single school or your entire district to support connections to computers, phones, WiFi access points and any other points that need to physically connect to your network. Work with CESO for any of your cabling needs whether it's for a new building or an upgrade to an existing space.

Technology Director Staffing

Partner with CESO for technology executive and director-level support for short or long-term needs. With years of experience, our team can step in to manage your IT department, resource planning, training, vendor management and more - helping ensure your district stays connected safely with the latest tools.

Technology Specialist Staffing

Whether temporary or permanent, CESO can provide day-to-day technology support both on-site and off-site. We handle standard IT tickets, escalated IT tickets and new user setup.

Get Exactly What You Need

Not seeing what you’re looking for? Need a combination of technology services and support? We’d love to learn more about how we can partner together to rethink possible! If it’s related to school technology, we have an expert who can help.

Technology Operations Assessment

If you're unsure where to start, we recommend our Technology Operations Assessment. We provide a comprehensive review of your current tools and process and then create a fully customized action plan to keep what works and update what doesn’t. We ensure your plan is actionable by prioritizing it into three categories: Do Now, Do Soon, Do Later.

Let us do the implementation work for you, or we can put the plan into your team’s capable hands. Either way (or a blend of both), you can count on a course of action and timeline that are tailored to your team and district needs.

Get Started

Do Now

High impact, minimal effort. The tasks prioritized in Do Now can often be completed by your team, with limited support. Think of it as having all the tools in place, you just need a hand prioritizing, planning or making a conscious effort to focus on them. This stage is often also where we determine pieces to be implemented in Do Soon.

Do Soon

High impact, medium effort. These action items build momentum, accelerating improvement and increasing efficiency. They’re often project-based and may require an investment. Do Soon typically impacts the current or upcoming year, but the timeline is ultimately up for your team to decide.

Do Later

High impact, high effort. We make sure you’re set up for sustainable, long-term success. Think of these items as your ideal state, with Do Now and Do Soon helping lay its groundwork. Do Later can also include an analysis of results, longer-term planning, and higher levels of organizational change that may require partnership support.

Let's Work Together

Through consulting, management and staffing support, we're here for both the big picture and the day-to-day. Partner with us for any or all, and get completely customized technology solutions aligned with your goals.

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