Liz Anderson

Communications Specialist

Liz is a written and visual storyteller, frequently combining the two on social media, website design, and print publications. With over five years of professional public relations experience, Liz can confidently tell your story with personality and tone to make your voice seem effortless yet powerful.

From journalism to corporate communications to event planning and sales, Liz has explored where her journalism degree could take her. In 2018, she took a leap of faith and moved to Thailand to teach kindergarten students in Chiang Mai for two years. She took an opportunity within school public relations when she realized she could combine the power of storytelling with her experience as an educator. It's the possibility of learning something new about a student, parent, staff or community member that inspires Liz every day. If genuine storytelling doesn't drive good storytelling, then what does?

When not writing, you can usually see Liz zooming around on her yellow scooter, drinking copious amounts of coffee, working at her local farmers market, tending her vegetable garden, and dreaming of the day she and her partner will own a dog (for now they just visit dog parks and pretend they're dog owners).

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