Bridgeport ISD (TX)

When Dr. Amy Ellis began her role as superintendent in Bridgeport ISD — without in-house communications support or established processes — she knew that bringing in expertise could help make strong connections with a new school community.

The Story

In January 2022, after 16 years serving in school districts across Texas, Dr. Amy Ellis stepped into to her first Superintendent role. But without communications staff on board, everything from basic creative functions to complex community engagement strategies would be difficult to execute.

That's when she reached out to a close colleague and current CESO Communications Senior Strategist to get full-service support from day one.

The Outcome

Dr. Ellis and Julie Thannum, APR worked together with other district staff on a Baseline Communications Assessment — a stress test on current communications practices. The ensuing report uncovered multiple tiers of action; items to "do now," "do soon," or "do later."

Top priorities? A detailed communications plan to guide efforts, and a commitment to keeping school staff and families informed via e-newsletters.

Since then, the CESO Communications team has had the pleasure of operating in our expertise — jump-starting department functions, from photography and social media to content development, bond planning, and brand marketing.


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