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Who we are

We have assembled a group of communication, marketing, engagement and design experts to tackle your problems and issues in creative and different ways.

We think of it as a three-pronged approach.


We have school communications professionals from across the country with combined experience of more than 125 years. We understand the issues faced by schools and districts, and have experience in solving any issue.


We have a creative team of designers, marketers and strategists who bring agency and consumer experience into addressing issues facing school districts.


We bring our technology expertise to help our clients probe more deeply and focus their strategies to maximize effectiveness.


What we do

The short answer is that we do it all, with clients both small and large.

We develop communication strategy plans. We write, create and tell stories through print, video and photography. We create and manage social media campaigns. We create stunning designs and materials. We redesign and rethink websites. We provide advice and counsel. We facilitate stakeholder engagements to better inform decisions and keep audiences involved. And we provide both virtual and in-person training and workshops on a variety of topics.


Referendum & Strategic Communication Planning

Want more details? You got it!
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We have an engaging process that brings diverse input into the process to yield a brand architecture that defines language and imagery for your district.

SO WHAT? You will have a brand that goes beyond a logo or a mascot, influencing all that you say and do.

We have a variety of tools to assess the effectiveness of your organization’s communications. We focus on nine key communication areas and we use our own Baseline Communication Tool to guide each assessment.

SO WHAT?  You will have a clearer picture of what’s working and what’s not.

We use our expertise to guide district communication staff members who are new to school communication, or leaders of small organizations that need coaching and expertise. 

SO WHAT?  By learning from our past mistakes (and successes) you will be a rockstar.

We help out districts with temporary staffing gaps by filling in for your communications staff. 

SO WHAT?  If it’s time to call the bullpen for support or replacement, ring us up.

We use a discovery tool that helps us to understand your situation, issue or problem, and then develop a strategic approach to solve it.

SO WHAT?  We dig into what’s going on to provide you with awesome product and strategies to communicate your message.

We express your district’s brand in ways to attract potential employees by describing what it means to be part of your team.

SO WHAT?  Employee recruitment goes beyond posting positions and referring people to HR, it’s part of your brand.

We design processes that bring diverse voices into your planning to better inform decisions, and we facilitate your small and large engagement activities to increase involvement and trust in your organization.

SO WHAT?  Engagement can be messy, but we know how to bring order and fun to the process to yield deeper insights.

We approach student enrollment with both retention and recruitment strategies, organizing your enrollment marketing into a strategic ongoing process. 

SO WHAT?  Enrollment marketing is a yearlong strategy that goes beyond an open house in the fall and a kindergarten gathering in the spring.

We use a variety of approaches, including benchmarking tools like the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), to help individuals increase their equity leadership and ensure that all students, staff and families feel valued and heard.

SO WHAT?  We believe strongly that equity is a value that must be shared at all levels of the organization, and strong equity leaders can create cultures of change that lead to better outcomes for all.

We help you create a strategy to effectively plan for and communicate big issues, such as referendum/finance elections, change initiatives, crisis/emergency response communications, boundary changes, bell times, leadership transitions, you name it.

SO WHAT?  Having a strategic communications plan helps you be more proactive and effective, rather than just reacting to daily issues or maintaining status quo.

We use a dynamic dashboard tool to forecast future events and issues, and then develop strategies and messaging to communicate well in advance and engage your stakeholders to act.

SO WHAT?  Our survey strategy measures message effectiveness along the way so that you can respond to the changing needs and whims of your community.

We create powerful messages and share visual narratives that pack a punch in small packages.

SO WHAT?  Welcome to the 21st century, where visual storytelling is worth more than just 1,000 words.


How we do it

Problems rarely come in neat, tidy packages that can be easily solved. We get that, and we know how to not just connect the dots, but we can manage those pesky dots too.

We begin every client project with the same first step: we start with listening. We listen more than we talk to understand how we might help. We probe, dig deep, wonder and ponder to learn as much as we can about our clients and their issues. We bring the power of our team together to assess each situation and see the big picture. We then deliver solutions that fit the situation and achieve the desired impact.

We help schools and districts thrive by helping them to remove distractions, solve problems and enhance relationships through strategic communication, engagement and marketing, which then allow school and district leaders to focus on students and their learning.

We believe the best solutions start with solid strategy.

Here's how we approach every project:

Assess & Discover

We ask questions and dig into your issue or situation to learn as much as we can about what's happening.

Strategize & Plan

We develop a strategic approach to address the situation, and plan for the work to be implemented effectively.

Activate & Adjust

We activate the strategy while assessing along the way to make any necessary adjustments.

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Meet our team

We have assembled a team of people who are experienced, professional, innovative, thoughtful, strategic, and most importantly, fun.

Our innovative approach to addressing problems is what sets us apart. We are naturally curious as part of who we are and what we do. We have a desire to know more and learn about what our clients are experiencing. We have a boundless interest in learning, and go beyond what we know and ponder “what else can we know?"

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Susan Brott, APR

Senior Strategic Consultant

Samantha Chin

Design Specialist

Brett Clark, APR

Senior Strategic Consultant

Jim Cummings, APR

Senior Strategic Consultant

Coley Fehringer

Director of Communication Services

Luke Frederick

Director of Innovation

Jamaal Gilbert

Senior Copywriter

Susan Hardy Brooks, APR

Senior Strategic Consultant

Bob Noyed, APR

Vice President, CESO Communications

Julie Rodriguez

Digital Media Manager

Chris Tennill, APR

Senior Strategic Consultant

Kendra Tillberry

Communications Strategist