St. Michael-Albertville Schools (MN

Introducing a new benefits provider across a school district can be a particularly difficult task. It takes time, focused energy, and clear communication. And when St. Michael-Albertville Schools endeavored to take on this work at the start of a school year, they knew they'd need some assistance. That's why they got in touch with CESO HR.

The Story

The mechanics of rolling out new benefits — from staff-wide re-enrollment and benefits elections to HRA transitions — are a lot to deal with any time of year. But when you have to start in August, it's time to think about bringing in some extra help. And that's exactly what the STMA team did.

Our Solution

CESO HR has been able to lift the weight of benefits enrollment off the shoulders of the district team, partnering with them on key decisions, but largely allowing them to focus on their regular work.

After successfully completing a critical data analysis and migration process, we also helped them navigate an HRA transition to guarantee that staff members would have expedient access to essential care.


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