Spring Lake Park Public Schools (MN)

After a leadership transition, the human resources department in Spring Lake Park not only needed quick access to expertise for upcoming labor negotiations, but also patient coaching for its incoming team members.

The Story

Without a seasoned negotiator on staff, the district planned to bring in a third party to assist in looming labor negotiations.

Enter CESO.

With years of successful negotiation experience on staff, we were able to provide the steady leadership needed to help keep discussions focused on priorities, and steer them toward resolution.

The outcome? Four labor contracts negotiated in the span of two months.

Our Solution

As an active partner with the new director of human resources, we've been able to help set the team up for success. Our CESO team started with relationship, setting weekly meetings where we demonstrated an inclusive, caring culture; shared best practices for current and future initiatives, and began to sort out priority actions.


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