Cincinnati Public Schools (OH)

When state-level legislation changed the game for schools across Ohio, the transportation leadership for Cincinnati Public Schools leaned on CESO Transportation for a quick pivot on routing efficiency.

The Story

In spring 2022, Ohio legislators ruled that children could no longer arrive on school campuses earlier than 30 minutes before the start of the school day. It doesn't take long to realize the impact on transportation for a large metropolitan school district like Cincinnati Public Schools, and they sprung into action, sourcing optimized routes from a data organization and hoping that they would require minimal input when imported into their VersaTrans routing software.

Unfortunately, the data wasn't as clean as they hoped, and with school startup looming, the Cincinnati Public Schools transportation team knew they needed help.

The Outcome

CESO Transportation was able to supply the use of four different transportation routers to analyze and optimize bus routes to ensure safe, reliable, timely transportation for as many students as possible — even going as far as assisting with fleet scheduling to properly tier buses and schedules.

In the end, CESO was able to take on a critical set of work to give Cincinnati leadership the time they needed to support their driving staff and find creative options to serve their student population.

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