Technology & Service Bundles

Explore a new route for school transportation management.

With new bundling options for transportation management, you get cost-effective, simplified solutions. Leverage CESO as a single partner to holistically manage your routing, customer experience, and data analytics.

Our team combines integrated technology with decades of school transportation expertise to deliver optimized results.

By bundling, you can: 

  • Drive more dollars back to the classroom. 
  • Provide safe and efficient transportation services. 
  • Make informed decisions with robust data analytics. 
  • Maximize your transportation staffing ratio.

Integrated Technology Solutions for Streamlined Transportation Management

With technology integration, you get a full suite of add-on applications including routing software, caregiver communication, vehicle tracking, and more. We manage transportation through cloud-based software that is secure, reliable, and scalable. While EZRouting and Rotulu are our preferred software solutions, we can help whether you already use this software, are looking to switch, or want to continue maximizing your existing software.

Customized Solutions Designed to Go The Extra Mile

 As a one-stop partner, we offer solutions to fit districts of any size. Combine any or all technology and services for seamless support and easy integration. 


End-to-end support including route planning, dispatch, route optimization, and vendor management for smoother logistics.

Customer Experience

Communications management between your district and families plus student database management for a positive experience.


Key data point analysis and recommendations for confident decision making.


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