CESO Culture: The Things We Hold Close

Here at CESO, we’ve built a culture on values that we lived long before we named them.

It’s just part of the deal when you spend all of your time supporting the incredible efforts that the K12 education community makes every day. When you are working with all kinds of people to find sustainable solutions, it requires you to be inclusive. When you build a business on relationships, you act with sincerity. And when you consistently find new and better ways to beat old challenges, you have no choice but to embrace curiosity

It’s who we are. It’s what we do.

Learn a little more about how we think of these values and how they apply to the K12 education community members we have the privilege to serve each day.

We aspire to many things, but these three values guide the ways we speak, think, and act with internal and external clients: 


We believe great ideas are born from the persistently curious mind. We act with bravery to explore beyond the expected and envision what could be.

It’s so fun to live a curious life. When we ask questions like:

• What would we do if we could start from scratch?
• Would you be open to bringing in some ideas from outside your industry?
• What does the data say about this? 
• When was the last time you asked for feedback?

The possibilities start to open up.


We believe the best ideas come from a collection of minds and experiences. People from unexpected backgrounds help expand our idea of what’s possible.

From CESO team meetings and internal committees to the ways we collect community feedback to help school districts, we've learned that when you're making decisions, it's critical to emphasize representation. You need a collective — people who care deeply and are passionate, people who understand the issues and help steer, and people who are dispassionate and simple think differently.   


We work to develop authentic relationships. We believe in being open, respectful and collaborative. We know an environment of trust cultivates thriving partnerships.

Sincere people are honest people. They say what they’re thinking because they believe the truth is the only real and sustainable way forward. It’s a vulnerable place to be… to take a side, to share your ideas, and to let the chips fall where they may. But when we act with sincerity, we can live without looking over our shoulders and look to the future with confidence.


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