Launch Day: The Rethink Tank Blog


This may come as a surprise, but there is no shortage of blog content on the internet. 

That doesn’t stop companies from starting blogs, but that’s because: 

  1. They need content to feed social media channels
  2. They have marketing goals
  3. They need a new way to generate website traffic

And that’s as true for the Center for Effective School Operations (CESO) as it is for everyone else. These are ever-present truths in today's world.

But there are other truths, too: 

  1. A company should own and use its voice.

When you help a lot of people, you gain credibility and influence. What you do with that influence is vitally important. You can ignore it or abuse it or generate more life and light in the world. That’s what we’re trying to do here — give really smart people who have built careers helping the K12 education community Rethink Possible a place to share wisdom.

  1. A company needs to take a stand.

We preach differentiation to our Communications clients. What makes you different? What are you doing that no one else is doing… or, at the very least, how is the way you do it unique to you? When people are making decisions about who to listen to and who to trust with a project, it helps to know if there is a match in worldview or thinking before you take another step. That’s why we love our people here: they have experience, but they also bring a distinct point of view that clients love and appreciate. You’ll see that come to life here at Rethink Tank.

  1. A company is more than the things you buy — it’s about the people.

And oh man, the people here rule. They are funny, they’ve been everywhere, they are generous and they are constantly trying to figure out new and smarter ways to solve old problems. So we’ll get into all of that… the personalities and the ways we like to serve our community, but more than anything it’s a window into how we get from “difficult problem” to “holy smokes, this is going to work.”


We’re pumped to have our Day One here at the Rethink Tank! 

Here, we put the “old way of doing it” on notice.

Here, we work to do things better and faster (in that order) so students get more of what they need to thrive.

Here, we Rethink Possible.



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