Equipping School Bus Drivers to Make a Difference for Kids

Over his 20+ year career as as a transportation director, one of our CESO Transportation Consultants found that non-licensed staff were often a step behind the rest of the district when it came to cultural competency and other soft-skills training. That's why he developed a series of training sessions that have since been presented across the country at conferences.

We know that bus drivers already have an incredible impact in the lives of students. These sessions are built to help drivers become even more effective in honoring the unique value of each learner.

Recently, Derrick appeared on the School Transportation News (STN) podcast to talk the importance of training non-licensed staff, plus he took the time to share about his experience as the first Black MAPT president. Check out the podcast below!

Help drivers become ambassadors for your school district.

If you're ready to help your team of bus drivers take the next step in caring for the kids on their route, we'd love to hear from you! Sign up for updates as training sessions become available.


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