St. Anthony-New Brighton (MN)

In a time of department transition, CESO Technology was able to step in and offer technology leadership, helping to stabilize operations and set the district on healthy course.

The Story

St. Anthony - New Brighton (SANB) Public Schools lost critical IT department staff and needed serious, sustained support to keep technology needs from disrupting the important work of serving students every day.

CESO Technology sprung into action, setting up discovery meetings with district leadership to assess the immediate needs and to learn about the overarching, pervasive issues that needed to be addressed in the near future.

The Outcome

In partnership with SANB, we developed a plan to take over all IT operations, support and escalations for the district, installing a full-time specialist and part-time director. This staffing model enabled existing district IT employees to continue in their areas of expertise by ensuring that day-to-day tickets and any emergent issues could be taken care of in a timely manner.


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