Cloud-Based Security Solutions from CESO

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Revolutionized physical security systems for K-12 education.

Schools are increasingly transitioning to the cloud for enhanced remote access and usability across all of their systems. CESO has partnered with Verkada to bring a smart, cloud-based security solution to K-12 communities that is easy to implement and scale.

As an authorized provider for Verkada, CESO can help you optimize security across your district and put more dollars back into your classrooms.

  • Security Assessment: a review of your current systems and plans to provide a holistic Verkada recommendation.
  • Installation: expert installation of all Verkada solutions by our team of pros.
  • On-Site & On-Call Support: easy, accessible help to ensure a seamless Verkada experience.
  • Finance Consulting: budget expertise to maximize all of your resources for Verkada implementation.

Key Solutions

Manage Security from Anywhere

In today's fast-paced world, response time is everything. More easily manage and quickly respond to safety incidents across your district by integrating all of your physical security devices into one cloud-based platform. Verkada is a simple and scalable solution to protecting your students and staff that can be accessed from anywhere.

Accelerate Response Times

Verkada is an ideal solution to accelerate your team's response times. With a combination of preconfigured responses as well as real-time alerts, you will have data available more quickly to make decisions. You can also share any Verkada live camera feed in seconds with first responders and local authorities.

Improve System Reliability

A full suite of support ensures Verkada is a reliable security solution you can count on for K-12 education. The system includes up to a 10-year warranty and maintains itself through automatic updates. Plus, technical support is available 24/7 through live chat, email and phone.

Minimize Costs

Ensure more dollars go back to the classroom by optimizing your school security costs. You can save money by consolidating all systems into a single, easily scalable Verkada solution. Connect with our team for a free consult to learn more about what this can look like for your district.

Manage Visitors

Keep your students and staff safer by being aware of who is your buildings at all times. Verkada's visitor management system gives you more control over access to your district's buildings and grounds. Leverage an easy-to-use interface to scan and screen all visitors while setting parameters to deny entry as well still ensuring data privacy.

Protect Student Privacy

With Verkada, you can ensure your entire district is secure while also protecting student privacy. The system blurs all faces in all live streams but can be immediately unblurred the moment an incident occurs to provide additional context.

Lock All Doors in Seconds

Whether you have one building or dozens, you can lock down all doors in seconds with Verkada. You can still allow access to first responders while also creating custom lockdown scenarios that best meet your school community's needs to stay safe. Leverage Verkada Command, the Verkada Pass app, or a panic button to trigger a lockdown.


Prevent Student Vaping

Student vaping continues to be a growing concern among school leaders. Improve health and safety across your district by placing Verkada sensors in popular areas such as locker rooms or bathrooms. Your team receives real-time alerts when vaping or smoking is detected anywhere the sensors have been placed so you can take immediate action.


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