Flying Solo In Your Communications Department?

Explore 4 time-saving techniques to use as a team of one.

Anybody who works in a school setting knows that no two days are alike, plans change quickly, and your to-do list grows faster than you can work.

Those of us who work as a one-person school communications department may know this experience particularly well. If your circumstance has you feeling overwhelmed (right now, or anytime!), here are some tips I’ve found helpful in streamlining department tasks.

1. Support your principals’ communications

Families get many — and I mean many — emails and updates from their teachers, principals, and district throughout the month. I find it helpful to support principal communications as much as possible. That could mean anything from sharing content that is important for families to know to helping send the communications when the administrative team needs assistance. Strong communication and collaboration between site administration and the Communications Department is key to getting information out to families.

2. Enlist others to take photos at events

Representing “a day in the life of your students” on your district platforms through snapshots and photography is a great way to engage with your community online. By enlisting key people throughout the district who attend these events when you cannot (teachers, coaches, or very active parents) you will be able to gather photos efficiently. Feel free to adapt this tip sheet — it’s a great way to train up new contributors.

3. Scheduling social media posts for the week

Planning your social media posts ahead of time is a great way to streamline your work! By doing this, you’ll save time gathering content and it can help you look ahead on the calendar for upcoming photo opportunities. It also makes it easier to take 15 minutes of your day to monitor your accounts and respond to comments and direct messages as needed.

4. Stay organized 

Whether you are someone who prefers the post-it note system or has filled a whiteboard with tasks checked and unchecked, staying organized is crucial. I find it helpful to keep track of big projects and events that are recurring each school year so I can be prepared ahead of time. Another way to stay organized is to establish a Strategic Communications Plan. This will help you continue to make progress on the major tasks in your portfolio and will serve as a fantastic guide for future projects.

Are you looking for new ways to grow your Communications Department? CESO Communications is here to help! With veteran communications leadership and in-house creative expertise, we’re excited to bring our problem-solving perspective to the challenges you face.


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