A modern education consultancy. Built for the future.

CESO empowers schools to create rich learning environments where students can thrive. We are bold, visionary thinkers with deep experience. We partner with schools to help them do more, and be more efficient, by solving the challenges they face in transportation, communications, technology, facilities and finance.


Question everything. Rethink Possible.

With a holistic approach, big picture clarity, a fixation on detailed execution, and insatiable curiosity, we start each and every engagement with the question why. It’s why we’ve been able to put education dollars where they belong – the classroom.

New school thinking. Best in class talent.

We’ve put together a group of curious thinkers and experienced problem solvers ready to solve the next problem in education. Our team, made up of public and private K12 vets in Communications, Transportation, Technology, Facilities and Finance, shares a passion for learners and learning.


Head & Heart. What we believe.

With a strong belief that every student deserves a rich learning environment we work hard to be the change we want to see in education. Sincerity, diversity, and curiosity guide us as we solve education challenges and empower schools.