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District/School Technology Studies

Our team is skilled at analyzing your current systems, diagnosing problems and prescribing the smartest next steps toward a healthier, robust technology environment.

Technology Consulting

We love partnering with district or school technology teams to help rethink what’s possible when it comes to delivering on goals, whether you’re upgrading hardware at volume, rewiring a building, upgrading data management and so much more.

Structured Cabling

If it’s time to dial in your telecommunications infrastructure, we’re able to find the most efficient, effective way to create the connections you need, now and into the future.


We can help you specify your needs as it relates to information systems and will coordinate the search, selection and implementation of a specific system that best meets your needs — whether it be a student information systems, finance/payroll/HR system, learning management system, assessment systems, library management systems, transportation system, food service, etc.

Find and implement the right camera system to protect your business at an affordable price.

We offer managed services where you pay one low monthly bill to keep all of your systems running smoothly. This puts the ownership on us to make sure everything is working properly, and to develop long term plans to keep you on the right track.

We can help you with all of your network hardware needs including firewalls, wireless access points, switches and routers.

We run low-voltage cabling of all kinds throughout your business, to support wired connections to your computers, phones, WiFi access points and any other endpoints that need to physically connect to your network.

We can help you get the right system in place for all of your communications needs. This could be a cloud-hosted phone system, or one located within your server room.

We can help install a new WiFi system, or help you troubleshoot an existing one, offering helpful advice every step of the way.

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