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Stale school district website experience? Take these 5 steps to spruce things up

District websites are one of the major tools we use to share information with community members, and yet sometimes do not get the amount of attention or love they deserve — easily becoming outdated or outright neglected. The answer to your website problem may not be redesigning the whole thing, …

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Going to the Source: The Power of Student Voice

While I am a huge proponent of engagements and strongly believe that they are important to the work we do …

Human Resources

The 3 P’s of School Leadership

Executive Coaching and Leadership – the ability to prepare, pause and prioritize Executive coaching changed my life and my career …


Four Reasons Why Microsites are an Essential Addition to your School PR Toolkit

Chances are, you’ve been on a microsite before without knowing you were visiting one. Large corporations, brands and colleges like …


Ethics in School Leadership

It’s important for school leaders to model ethical leadership in the face of adversity. Ethics is an area of study …


Five proven strategies to reach busy parents

One of the most important audiences for a school is its parents. However, many parents complain that they don’t feel …


Parent Perspective: Communicating with the Audience in Mind.

Working in school communications for the better part of nine years has given me a strong sense of how to guide schools and districts in informing and connecting with their stakeholders.


PART II: Rethinking Post-Pandemic Transportation Services

Last week, we dug into how post-pandemic life affect Planning Cycle and Tools. This week, we’re moving toward the People and Thinking.


A response to the tragedy in Uvalde, TX.

The disturbing and heartbreaking loss of so many young lives and the devoted educators in Texas last week put a cloud over many of our celebrations as Memorial Day rang in the unofficial start of summer.


Part I: Rethinking Post-Pandemic Transportation Services

In this first post, we’ll explore the ways we need to rethink Planning Cycle and the Tools we use.


What’s in A Name? Authentic Brand-Building

People often think of a brand as the visual or graphic symbol you use to depict a school district or education organization. The truth is, even though your logo is vitally important, it is only a small part of your true, authentic brand.

Human Resources

Best Practice … What is it, Really?

From the dentist office to fantasy football and in the walls of your organization, how often have you heard these words, “Well, that’s best practice.”


Infographic: CESO Transportation by the Numbers

If you’ve ever worked with CESO Transportation, you know we’re passionate about seeing every student arrive safely and on time …


Rethinking Staff Recruitment

Retaining and recruiting staff members has become an issue that almost every district is struggling to manage. The reality for school districts has shifted and it’s now necessary to think differently about how to recruit and retain staff members.


Without time and attention, organizational change is doomed to fail

The last two years have demonstrated that the need to identify what is broken or likely to break will be of paramount importance for organizations. Organizations are seeing now that they must develop and prototype the people, process and technology changes needed; and, most importantly, effectuate change.


Equipping School Bus Drivers to Make a Difference for Kids

For over 20 years, Derrick Agate has been a champion for training non-licensed school staff.

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