We work across every aspect of Human Resources.

Executive positioning. Labor relations. Staffing. Inclusive hiring and retention practices. We do it all.

And we can’t wait to work with you on ways to build up your district employees — connect with us today.


Through an initial assessment, we document your current reality and identify where you want to go next. From there, we’ll host engaging sessions with your hand-picked design team and develop a customized, actionable plan. Best of all, our painless process only takes a few weeks!



Aligning your HR systems and processes to your district’s strategic plan

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Competitive Advantage

Identifying the best practice for your district to give you a competitive edge by enhancing your employee value proposition


Operational Function

Focusing on refinement of key aspects of your HR function to give your team more time to focus on people and process



Ensuring your critical human operations are up to date with applicable laws and your labor agreements

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Beyond the Assessment

CESO HR’s in-house expertise can be used to develop, deploy and manage projects; advise and consult; and/or staff all functions of human experience operations. We customize our support to fit your district’s unique needs.

  • Human Resources Operations Assessment
  • Receive a full assessment and executive summary of the essential strategic identified categories and recommended action items
  • All assessments are designed to be done comprehensively, but can be broken up into individual categories depending on district need
  • Access to in-house HR expertise for on-demand consultation
  • Support for individual district projects and process documentation
  • Cost is variable, based on project
  • Design and customize a plan to support your organization in attracting, retaining, and promoting excellent humans
  • Temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent HR staffing to increase your capacity to address HR management needs
  • Cost is variable based on assignment and type of location (i.e hybrid, on-site or remote)
  • One-on-one coaching and strategy partnership for new leaders and/or established practitioners
  • Cost is based on agreed upon relationship and executive coach
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Let’s care for the people who care for our learners — we can’t wait to hear from you.

Human Resources

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