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Who we are

CESO Communications is a superteam of school PR veterans and creative professionals who can amplify the great work that’s already happening in your district. We do it through strategic direction, community engagement, crisis communications planning, branding,
enrollment marketing and beyond.

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How we help

A closer look at CESO Communications services.

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Baseline Communications Assessment

The perfect place to start. Our strategists speak with key stakeholders and deliver a “do now,” “do soon,” and “do later” plan based on nine communications disciplines. See a sample report and learn how you can get a customized plan, fast.



Looking for your next communications leader? Through our nationwide network, we’re able to help you seamlessly recruit, hire, and onboard the right person for your position.


Enrollment Marketing

Our team helps to deliver a data-driven plan to recruit and retain students and families in your district.


Strategic Planning

Develop your long-term district roadmap with our proven process. Through our comprehensive listening sessions, we ensure that the priorities and preferences in your community are fully reflected.


Community Engagements & Facilitation

Bring in a seasoned CESO Communications strategist to help you collect the needed input to make critical decisions. Available for in-person and virtual sessions.

Our team

We’ve built a team we’re proud of — a who’s who of bright-minded school communicators and creatives from around the country who want what’s best for kids. Find out more about our talented, award-winning team. 

Rethink Tank Blog

See our latest contributions to the CESO blog, the Rethink Tank. Here, we explore the problems facing today’s communications professionals and offer perspectives from decades of experience in the trenches.

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Learn about our Baseline Communications Assessment

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