From storytelling and stakeholder engagements to training sessions and full-service creative, we do it all.

See our capabilities, then let’s talk about how we can partner with you to flip adversity on its head with sound strategy and bold belief. 


Baseline Communications

A dedicated team of Senior Strategic Consultants interview staff and evaluate your processes, then create a customized and prioritized path to more effective communication.

Enrollment Marketing

Successful campaigns include proper planning, research, coordination, cross-channel creative execution and reporting. We do it all, and we love every minute of it.

Community Engagement

We use a variety of methods, from online tools and interviewing to community forums and beyond. It all amounts to engaging your school community to collect authentic responses.

We have an engaging process that brings diverse input into the process to yield a brand architecture that defines language and imagery for your district.

SO WHAT? You will have a brand that goes beyond a logo or a mascot, influencing all that you say and do.

We use our more than 150years of combined expertise to help guide professionals who are new to school communications. School districts are unique and we have developed a “curriculum” for new school PR professionals that also allows flexibility for the unique needs of the mentee.

SO WHAT?  By learning from our team, you will have the support you need to successfully navigate your first (or second or third) school year.

We help out districts with either temporary staffing gaps by filling in for your communications staff or by filling the role of a traditional school PR professional for school districts that are in transition.

SO WHAT?  If it’s time to call the bullpen for support or replacement, ring us up.

We help your district find and attract the right potential employees by providing recruitment strategies, utilizing our school PR connections across the country, reviewing applications, developing interview questions and participating in interviews.

SO WHAT?  Recruitment of the right PR professional goes beyond posting positions and referring people to HR, it involves a deeper thinking and understanding of the role.

We approach each client’s project with an open mind. While we do not have a “cookie cutter” process that we apply to every strategic planning process, we do have an overall perspective that helps us in crafting a process that will best fit your district.

SO WHAT? We believe in relying heavily on community engagement as the key element to inform the development of the plan. Soliciting insight from students, parents, staff members and community members will help the planning committee and board create a better strategic plan.

We create messaging and strategy for your proposed referendum proposal long before the election date to help your residents better understand your proposal - we believe it is never too early to start planning for your next referendum election

SO WHAT?  You will have a communications strategy 12-24 months before your election, increasing your chances for success.

We help you create a strategy to effectively plan for and communicate big issues, such as referendum/finance elections, change initiatives, crisis/emergency response communications, boundary changes, bell times, leadership transitions, you name it.

SO WHAT?  Having a strategic communications plan helps you be more proactive and effective, rather than just reacting to daily issues or maintaining status quo.

We partner with you to redesign your district and school websites to meet the needs of all your key stakeholders, all while making sure your brand is represented 

SO WHAT? Your district website needs to be so much more than a file drawer for current families and staff. Let’s turn it into a marketing tool to effectively serve your district now and into the future.