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Are you wondering if your district communications are having the intended impact?

If so, it’s the right time to undergo a Baseline Communications Assessment. Each of our consultants holds decades of school communications experience and we can’t wait to dig in. Take a look at how we work.


Pre-audit worksheet

  • Provide background information
  • Outline current communication efforts
  • Strategic questions to orient our staff


  • Remote interview key stakeholders (video, phone)
  • Evaluating nine communication strategy components:
    • Communication Strategy and Planning
    • Internal Communication and Engagement
    • Parent/Family Communication
    • Student Enrollment Retention and Recruitment 
    • Employee Retention and Recruitment
    • Crisis Communication and Preparedness
    • External Communication
    • Stakeholder Engagement 
    • Brand Experience and Reputation

Based on the results of the assessment, we create a set of action steps organized in three categories: Do Now, Do Soon and Do Later. In addition, we also use an evaluation rubric to score each of nine strategy areas.


See Sample Baseline Communications Assessment

See an example of how we can work with you to capture trends, diagnose your main challenges, and prescribe the right next steps to set you on a sustainable, sure-footed course.

Let’s reimagine what communications can become in your district. Reach out today.

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